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Michigan State Commission on Patient Safety

Volume II: Technical Appendix

Introduction (4 pages, 222 KB)

Tab 1: Testimony Reviewer’s Guide (44 pages, 752 KB)

Tab 2: Code Crosswalk (3 pages, 98 KB)

Tab 3: Coded Testimony Recommendations (51 pages, 513 KB)

Full testimony can be found using same three-digit ID numbers

Tab 4 : Round One Reports

Code 01: State Focal
Code 02: Measurement Criteria
Codes 03, 04, 29: Reporting
Code 05: Share Info
Code 06: Regulation of Organizations
Code 07: Professional Licensing
Code 08: Performance Benchmarks
Codes 11, 12: Guiding Principles, Leadership
Code 13: Education of Professionals
Code 14: Education of Consumers
Code 15: Collaboration
Code 16: Teamwork
Codes 17, 19: Designing for Safety
Code 18: Staffing
Code 20: Patient Inclusion
Code 22: Medication Practices
Code 23: Information Technology
Code 26: Peer Protection
Code 28: Safety Standards
Code 30: Consumer Protection/Advocacy

Tab 5 : Round Two Reports

Code J: Safeguard Data and Sources
Code K: Collect and Use Data
Code L: Performance Measurement
Code M: Professional Education
Code N: Regulation and Licensing
Code P: Patient Safety Center
Code Q: Guiding Principles
Code R: Patient-Centered Care
Code S: Information and Communication Technology
Code T: Human Factors and Facility Design
Code U: Health-Care Workforce
Code V: Working Together